Do you know what’s in season?

It’s spring time and there is an abundance of local fresh produce available! There are loads of benefits of buying in season, rather than importing foreign or artificially growing out of season produce.

Firstly, and the reason most of us would pay attention, it’s cheaper! With so many simultaneously blooming crops there is an excess of supply in many cases, making it possible for you to enjoy your favourite fruits and vegetables without breaking the bank. Secondly, seasonal produce just tastes better. When produce is not in season locally, it’s either shipped from overseas or grown in a hothouse here. Both of these processes affect the flavour, as the product might not ripen as effectively and develop it’s full flavour. Thirdly, it’s healthier for you, and for the environment. Seasonal fruit and vegetables have the full complement of nutrients, unaffected by transporting and irradiation. It’s also more environmentally friendly to buy local, minimising the carbon footprint causes by transport emissions.

Finally, it supports the local economy and employment. Buy proudly South African, guys! Here is a run-down of the fruits and veg which are in season in the spring months (September – November) >Raspberries make a great treat and grapes turn water into wine. Fruits: Early Spring Apples Avocados Bananas Cape gooseberries Coconuts Dates Grapefruit Guavas Lemons Naartjies Nectarines Oranges Pawpaws or papaya Pears Pineapples Sweet melon Strawberries November only Apricots Blackberries Cherries Plums Prunes Raspberries Sweet melon Watermelon organic-vegetables-and-fruit Vegetables: Artichokes Asparagus Aubergines or Eggplants Baby marrows Beetroot Brussels sprouts Kale spinach Maize or corn on the cob Parsnips Red onions Rhubarb Turnips Watercress Enjoy your seasonal fruits veg!

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